Metadata catalogue for Geo-information is under development

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The Mineral Resources Information Technology Center (MRITC) of MRPAM is working towards establishing an Integrated Geoscience Database in line with international best practice, with the purpose of efficiently delivering geo-information to public and private users.

The Australia-Mongolia Extractives Program (AMEP) is providing technical assistance to support the establishment of the Integrated Geoscience Database. Within this framework,  MRITC has been working together with AMEP and national geoscience IT company Oyunii Tsomorlig Impex LLC to develop a WebGIS metadata catalogue system (MonGeoCat) since March, 2017.

MonGeoCat has a searchable map interface and enables users to find the metadata by mobilizing various combined spatial and alphanumeric search criteria. For the spatial search functionality, a comprehensive map viewer shall be implemented, providing access to:

  1. The locations and key attributes of selected geological, geochemical, geophysical and geographic reference data;
  2. The areas covered by the documents and selected spatial and non-spatial datasets (except for those referring to the entire country);
  3. General and geological reference map data (e.g. satellite imagery, base-maps with toponyms, geological maps), supporting the user to identify the desired area of interest.

AMEP has procured the requisite hardware and software to allow MRPAM to operate and maintain the MonGeoCat system, and have facilitating training for MRITC staff how to use the system.

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