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Successful stories

Oyu tolgoi

Oyu Tolgoi is a world class Mongolian mining business developing one of the most promising copper and gold deposits in the world. A partnership between the Government of Mongolia, Turquoise Hill Resources, and Rio Tinto, Oyu Tolgoi brings the best of all worlds – blending global expertise with local talent and experience.

In just over three years we have delivered nearly three million tonnes of concentrate to customers – putting Mongolian copper and gold to work in everything from lighting homes to phones and modern telecommunications that connects the world.

Oyu Tolgoi is one of the safest operations in Rio Tinto, and among our global peers across the mining industry – a testament to our workforce over 90 per cent of which is made up of national, Mongolian citizens. We make a positive impact on our community everyday – investing in capacity development, supporting national and local businesses, health and education – laying the foundations for a truly sustainable business that will last for generations to come, bringing real value to Mongolia.

Boroo gold

Since its establishment in 1997, Boroo Gold LLC, a subsidiary of Centerra Gold Inc., has been engaged in mineral exploration, mining and processing operations in Mongolia. As the holder of the mining license MV-000198, the company owns the Boroo hard-rock gold deposit located in Bayangol and Mandal soums of Selenge aimag.

Stability agreement signed 6th of July, 1998, stabled investment and tax environment for 10 years and agreement extended by 15 years in 2000.

Boroo gold deposit was exploited by open pit mine and CIP processing plant.

Tsairt mineral

In 1998, Mongolian “Metal Impex” Co.,Ltd and world mining company China Non-ferrous Metal Industry’s Foreign Engineering and Construction Co.,Ltd (NFC) have established joint ventured “Tsairt Mineral” LLC and successfully realized Tumurtiin-Ovoo project with so many people’s efforts and spirits in 2005.

Tumurtiin-Ovoo project is located in 13 km north from Baruun-Urt the center of Suhbaatar province, approximately 650 km from Ulaanbaatar, the capital city of Mongolia.

Between “Tsairt Mineral” LLC and Mongolian government has made a Stability Agreement on 13th of May, 1998. And then, in 23th of August 2007, has made an amendment and a changes to the Stability Agreement of 1998. By this amendment, the company shall pay the corporate income tax and the royalty tax respectively in effective law.

Tsairt Mineral LLC mines and processes 350-400 thousand tonnes of ore per year, and produces and exports approximately 70 thousand tonnes of zinc concentrate with 50 percent of zinc in every year.


Moncement Building Materials LLC operates integrated facilities for the production of Ordinary Portland Cement, consisting of a complete dry process production line with a capacity of 1 million tons per year of cement in Orgun Soum, Dornogovi Province and is currently developing a 120 tons per hour installed capacity grinding station and terminal in Ulaanbaatar, the capital city of Mongolia.
The company is owned by Monpolymet LLC, a company incorporated under the laws of Mongolia, and European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (‘EBRD’).

Moncement plant secured vast raw material resources of top quality, with reserves of 230 million tons of limestone, 150 million tons of shale, holding own quarry. Plant designed to use Dry-method Eco technology, Waste heat recovery system-producing 5MW power and can be produce OPC 42.5, PC 42.5, PC 52.5 Portland cement.

Stability Agreement was signed between Government of Mongolia, Monpolymet and Moncement Building Materials on December 28th 2015, stabilizing tax environment for the next 24 years. Also agreement provides non tax support exclusively to Moncement.

Petro China Daqing Tamsag

The Daqing Oilfield Limited, parent company of “PetroChina Daqing Tamsag” LLC, is a subsidiary of China National Petroleum Corporation. It is a state owned company which has an authority to enter foreign market independently.  
Tamsag oilfield is located in the southern east of Dornod province, 200 km away and 900 km from Ulaanbaatar city.

In August 2005, the Daqing Oilfield Limited (subsidiary of China National Petroleum Corporation) acquired the rights to the XIX, XXI and XXII petroleum blocks in Tamsag basin from SOCO-International LLC of the USA. The Petro China Daqing Tamsag LLC, 100% Chinese-invested entity in Mongolia began oil exploration and production related operations on the Toson-Uul XIX and Tamsag XXI petroleum blocks in Matad and Khalkhgol soums of Dornod province. 

Approximately 1 million ton of oil are produced and exported from above oilfield in a year.