Mandal Molybdenum-wolfram deposit

Name of the project Mandal Molybdenum-wolfram deposit
Location Mandal Molybdenum-wolfram depositis located in Tsagaan Uul Soum, Khuvsgul aimag
Current situation of the deposit Mining operation has not started yet. The company has exploration license.
Ore body description Granite sill, diorite and basalt veins cuts though small and medium size parts of intrusive rock formation. molybdenum and wolfram mineralization have been f found. One (1) large ore body was discovered in the Mandal deposit. This ore body strikes from southeast to northwest and contains stock of granites with almost no mineralization in the centre and the mineralized bodies are located around this section.
Deposit reserve Measured, proven and probable (А+В+С) reserves of mineable resource in the Mandal deposit is 331,523.96 tons of Mo equivalent, 283,708.52 tons of Molybdenum, 71,412.67 tons of wolfram in the 294,949,392.65 tons of total ore. . Measured, proven and probable (А+В+С) reserves of mineable resource under certain conditions in the Mandal deposit is 4,873.66 tons of Mo equivalent, 3,003.68 tons of Molybdenum, 2,792.83 tons of wolfram in the 19,874,107.98 tons of total ore with average content. equivalent Mo-245.23 g/t, Мо-151.14 g/t, W-140.53 g/t.
According to preliminary survey findings of Baruun Mandal, the reserve amount of Baruun mandal is 57000 tons of wolfram and 3500 tons of molybdenum.
Infrastructure Weak
Owner Mongolia Resource Corporation LLC
Operates in mining sector
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