Zirconium and heavy rare earth ore project of Ulaan Del

Name of the project Zirconium and heavy rare earth ore project of Ulaan Del
Location Zavkhan soum, Uvs aimag
Current situation of the deposit Exploration survey was conducted on this deposit and found an estimated reserve. The report is being produced.
Type of Minerals Zirconium and heavy rare earths (key minerals:zirconium, elpidite, xenotime, synchysite, apatite, monazite, malachite, parisite, ilmenite, magnetite)
Deposit reserve The reserve is currently being estimated (According to preliminary estimates, the reserve is 6.3 million tons of Zr-REE ore 1000 ppm REE in 100 m deep)
Infrastructure Weak
Owner Geo-Infor LLC- Mongolian National Geology Consultancy Company. Consultancy, information services, mining, gold extraction and exploration.
Contact information gis@geo-info.mn
Contact information: 98110919