Ulaanbulag Core Gold Deposit

Name of the project Ulaanbulag Core Gold Deposit
Location Mandal and Bornuur soum in Selenge and Tuv aimag The Ulaanbulag Core Gold Deposit is located at the border of Bornuur soum of Tuv aimag and Mandal soum of Selenge aimag approximately 130-140 km west of Ulaanbaatar city. THe mine is located near the highway connecting Ulaanbaatar and Altanbulag soum.
Current situation of the deposit Boroo Gold LLC presently owns mining license. Mining operation has not started.
Type of Minerals Gold
Deposit reserve The Ulaanbulag core gold deposit is located from 30 to100 meters from the earth surface. The Ulaanbulag core gold mine has average content of 1.14 g/t gold in the oxidized ore of the mineable reserve and 1.39 g/t gold in the partially oxidized ore. The gold content is 1.51 g/ton. and there is 4243.9 kg gold in the primary gold ore in the 3284.5 thousand tons of oreThe proven reserve amount is 3765.4 kg gold in the 2841.5 thousand tons of ore and probable reserve of 478.4 kg of gold in 443 thousand tons of ore.
Infrastructure Relatively good
Owner Boroo Gold LLC ( 100 percent investment from Bahamas Island Country).
Contact information turbold.b@centerragold.mn, john.kazakoff@centerragold.mn