Kharmagtai Copper and Gold Project

Name of the project Kharmagtai Copper and Gold Project
Location Tsogttsetsii Soum, Umnugobi aimag, Kharmagtai Copper and Gold Project is located 420 km from Ulaanbaatar, 120 km from north of Oyutolgoi, 100 km west of Tsagaansuvarga 
Current situation of the deposit Presently holds mining license. Working to increase the reserve amount in the future.
Type of Minerals Gold-Copper
Ore body description Kharmagtai consists of multiple co-genetic goldrich porphyry copper centers and tourmaline breccia pipes occurring within the Lower Carboniferous Kharmagtai Igneous Complex. The deposit consists of ore bodies of Altan Tolgoi, Zesen Uul and Tsagaan sudal with gold and copper mineralization. These three ore bodies are similar two each other in terms of its geology, evolution and mineralization, however they have significantly different grades of mineralization. The average Au content is 0.4-4.1g/t content, the average Ag content is 5-23g/t , the average Cu content is 0.64-0.84%. Tsagaan sudal deposit consists of multiple lenses with average content of 0.281g/t gold, 0.318% copper. Altantolgoi is located 200m below the surface and contains 0.392g/t gold and 0.450% copper. Deposit reserve Kharmagtai Gold and Copper Porphyry deposit has mineable measured, proven and probable (A+B+C) reserve of 13.428 tons of gold, 88,475.0 tons of copper 18,031,254.0 tons of ore. Measured, proven and probable reserve of mineable resources is 25.008 tons of gold, 259,525 tons of copper reserve in 68,535,851.0 tons of ore. The Gold and Copper porphyry deposit ore has measured, proven and probable reserve of 38.436 tons of gold and 348,000.0 tons of copper in the 86,567,105.0 tons of ore.
Infrastructure Weak
Owner Oyut-Ulaan
Contact information Position: Chief Executive Officer
Address: 2nd Khoroo, AOS Street, Military
Town, Bayanzurkh District, Ulaanbaatar
Telephone: + 976 70 120 211
Fax: + 976 70 130 211