Urinium project of Zuuvch Ovoo

Name of the project Urinium project /Dulaan Uul, Zuuvh Ovoo Mine/
Location Ulaanbadrakh soum of Dornogobi aimag
Ownership AREVA bought the East Asia Minerals Energy company in 2007 and renamed it AREVA Mongol in March 2008. AREVA Mongol is in charge of business development and all aspects of cooperation with national and local authorities. Its headquarters is located in Ulaan Baatar.
Company owners Mongolian “Mon Atom”, French “Areva” and Japanese “Mitsubushi”
Address 3rd floor of ICC Tower, Jamyan Gun Street, 1st khoroo, Sukhbaatar district.
Contact cogegobi@magicnet.mn, Phone number:320698, 323400 Fax: 976-11-329037
Current situation of the deposit Mining operation have not yet started. Mining licenses in Dornogobi aimag is registered under AREVA and Exploration licenses in Sukhbaatar and Dornogobi Aimag is registered Under Cogigobi LLC.
Type of minerals Uranium
Deposit reserve Dulaan Uul Uranium Mine. Mine has 58,117,825,63 tons of proven and probable grade ore reserve (B+C) with average content of 217.69 gram/tons. The estimated metal uranium reserve is 11,894.44 tons. Zuuvch Ovoo Uranium Mine. Mine has 288,698,781,25 tons of proven and probable grade ore reserve (B+C)with average content of 234,52 gram/tons. The estimated metal uranium reserve of 67706,77 tons.
Infrastructure Weak