Bayantsogt Wolfram-Molybdenum Deposit

Location Bayantsogt Wolfram-Molybdenum Depositis located in Tsenkhermandal soum, Khentii aimag approximately located 195 km east of Ulaanbaatar city, 68 km east of Baganuur city and 18 km from Tsenkhermandal soum There are 20 km from paved road of Ulaanbaatar to Undurkhan highway.
Current situation of the deposit Owns mining licenses. Has not started mining operation have not started.
  Ore mineralization was evolved from greisen rich and porphyria granites in Janchivlan area.There are quartz muscovite greisen, veins of layered quartz-spar as well as 100 meter long 0.2 m thick veins and dikes of quartz molybdenum. Mineralization consists of quart-muscovite and greisen alterations forming stock shaped bodies. Greisen alteration zones contains wolfram, molybdenum, pyrites, chalko pyrite and arsenopyrite particles.
Deposit reserve According to the pre-feasibility study, the minimum equivalent content of wolfram (Eq.WO3) is 200 grams per ton. There are 4 blocks of proven grade reserve and 5 blocks of probable grade reserve in the 550 deep from the surface. The probable grade reserve of minerals is is 275.51 g/t of WO3, 206.28 g/t of Mo, 141.88 g/t of Sn, 1.55 g/t of Ag. The probable grade reserve is 74,296.4 tons of metal wolfram and 55,627.4 tons of molybdenum, 38,261.9 tons of metal tin, 417.63 tons of silver and the total equivalent reserve of 137,831.2 tons of metal wolfram in the 269.67 million tons of ore.
Infrastructure Average
Owner Undur Bayantsogt LLC, Olympic Street-12, Sky Plaza Business Center, 4th floor.
Contact information
Phone: 327525
Fax: 976-11-327525