Bayantsogt Iron Ore Clustered Mine

Name of the deposit Bayantsogt Iron Ore Clustered Mine
Location Yuruu and Khongor Soum, Selenge and Darkhan-Uul aimag
Owner “Kharanga Khuder” LLC
Contact information
Deposit mining status Preparation work for the opening open cut mine is underway.
Type of Minerals Iron
Deposit reserve Proven and probable grade (B+C) reserve in the Bayantsogt clustered iron ore deposits is 41.1 million tons of iron in the 249.4 million tons of iron ore with 16.49 % of average content. Of which proven and probable reserve of the Bayantsogt deposit is 40.8 thousand tons of iron ore, Dundbulag deposit is 186.1 million tons of iron ore and Undur-Ukhaa deposit is 22.5 million tons of iron ore.
Mining capacity reflected in the feasibility study 1500-2000 thousand/tons of ore
Product By processing the iron ore with average content of 18.3 percent with wet magnetic processing method and produce iron ore concentrates with minimum of 63.1 percent of iron content.
Infrastructure Electricity will be supplied from a 110kW power station in Yuruu soum with 35 km long high voltage electrical wire. Annual average capacity is 223 thousand tons of concentrate.