"Gatsuurt" gold deposit

Name of the deposit Gatsuurt
Location Selenge Mandal
Owner “Centerra Gold” LLC
Contact information Turbold.b@centerragold.mn
Deposit mining status Mining preparation work started in 2016
Type of Minerals Gold
Deposit reserve Minable B+C grade reserve is 50 tons gold per 17.1 million tons of ore and B+C+P grade mineable reserve is 26.1 tons of gold from 10.6 million tons of ore
Mining capacity reflected in the feasibility study 150 tons/year ore
Product The total registered mineable reserve of Gatsuurt deposit is 50 tons of precious metals of which 42.3 tons of gold and 3.7 tons of silver. Extraction will continue for 9 years, production will continue for 10 years, environmental monitoring and assessment will continue for 11 years. Environmental rehabilitation will continue for another 3 years and monitoring of the environmental rehabilitation will continue for 5 years. Therefore the total duration of the mining operation 17 years.
Infrastructure Ore will be transported using a 50 km road and will be processed at the Boroo Processing Plant.