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Reserved area for Competitive Bid

The Parliament of Mongolia is approved the Mineral law in date of July 01, 2014. It’s made the legal environment of organize competitive bid for mineral license issuance and it’s stated that issuing the license to the fields with mineral deposit or license is expired or suspended in accordance of the article 19.12, 20.1, 24.2, 26.9 and 60.9 of the Mineral Law.

It’s issued the right to approve renewed rule of competitive bid for license issuance to the Ministry of Mining by the decision of Government meeting dated in December 30, 2014. Thus it’s approved the “Competitive bid rule of license issuance” by the A/129 ordinance of Ministry of Mining and Heavy Industry, January 29, 2017.

It shall be issuing license of exploration to the 19.88 percent of total area as approved by the ordinance number 239 of the Mongolian Government in date of July 28, 2014 and 13.39 percent or 20.9 millions of hectare area by the application or request and 6.49 percent or 10.2 millions of hectare area is licensed by the competitive bid.

It’s made the amendments if the coordination of the field for competitive bid by the ordinance number 37 of the Mongolian Government and approved 1.6 hectares area additionally.

The Mineral Resource and Petroleum Authority of Mongolia is conducting the activities of issuing special permission by competitive bid and organizing related works in accordance of the respectful laws and regulation, transparent and honestly.