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Reserved area for new exploration license


“Mineral resource means accumulation of minerals existing with natural condition that’s originated from the process of geological revolution or changes at the ground surface or it’s underground.

It shall be issuing license of the mineral exploration to the registered legal entities in Mongolia only.

The size of exploration license area shall not being less than 25 hectare or not more than 150 thousand hectare areas.

Announcement of tenement areas to issue exploration licenses

1. The respectful government organization shall be announcing information about fields available to issue exploration licenses as stated by the Mongolian government throughout daily newspaper, it’s own electronic website or external show screen placed outside in a transparent and honest manner to the public.

2.     Any Legal entity requesting to take exploration license shall be filling “Registration of legal entities requesting to take exploration licenses” truly without any inaccurate or false information and submitting it to the Mineral Resources and Petroleum Authority of Mongolia. It’s able to download application form from website or directly from the office. It shall be attached following documents when applying for registration. It includes:

    1. Copy of state registration certificate;
    2. STATE REGISTRATION REFERENCE of legal entity shall be attached.   /The reference shall be described following information as foreign investment status, it’s percentage etc clearly./

Submit application form for exploration licenses

Any legal entity requesting to take exploration license by application shall be attached following documents when applying for registration.  

    1. State registration certificate /as notarized/
    2. Charter of legal entity /as notarized/
    3. Official reference of the requesting party /К-4 form/
    4. Payment receipt of the service fee of 1,000,000 MNT /access right for 30 days/

Obtaining an application number

The entity which has been registered as a legal entity must obtain an electronic application number by accessing the electronic system for issuing application number (ESIAN) at using its registration code and the ESIAN will send a confirmation e-mail specifying the date and time for the submission of application to the legal entity’s e-mail address.

By accessing the electronic system for issuing application number, the entity will be able to connect to the database of the General Authority for State Registration and verify or if necessary, edit its legal entity profile registered to the department of cadaster.

The entity which, though, has been registered by paying the service fee for obtaining the access right to the application number issuance system, has not taken part in the electronic number issuance /hasn’t accessed the electronic system/, the service fee may be applied to the following electronic number issuance, by the legal entity’s request.

Registration of application

At least 5 days before MRPAM the issuance of the electronic number for application registration, the head of the agency shall issue an order which shall be publically announced on the agency’s webpage.

Upon consideration of the available time for receiving, registering, reviewing and approving applications, the Cadastre Division shall receive and register the applications of the first 600 legal entities which have obtained the electronic number for application registration. One application may be submitted through one electronic number of application registrations.

The entity that has obtained an application number shall physically come to the Cadastre Division within the applicable period and in accordance with article 18 the “Rules for applying for exploration license” of the law on Mining, and submit its application and required documents to the application registrar. Application service fee of 250 000 tugrugs must be paid to the account number 100900000752 of State fund. Application registration period can’t exceed 15 minutes per application.

By accessing the Computer and registration system for cadaster service /hereinafter referred to as Computer portal for mining cadaster/ by its electronic number, the applicant will be able to receive services such as inputting area information that were prepared in advance, checking overlaps, removing overlaps and redefining area coordinates, or printing application forms. The applicant may obtain area information by e-mail (image file with .shp extension).

The employee in charge of registration of the application of the Cadaster office shall receive and register the application in accordance with the queue of the electronic number of application registration and stamp and endorse each page of the documents attached to the application.

Failure by the legal entity which received an electronic number of application registration to come and submit its application and attached documents within the applicable period shall be deemed to have not applied and shall be registered in a special record.

The Cadastre Division shall receive an application which meets requirements specified in 18.2 of the law on Mining and if it doesn’t, shall reject accepting the application and make an entry into the special record, which shall be notified to the applicant by a statement. The basis for application rejection shall be defined clearly and the date, time, and the name of the employee in charge shall be written intelligibly.

The Cadastre Division shall receive the documents attached in the application in an original form and if otherwise, shall obtain copies that were notarized as well as the original payment receipts for the service fees.

It shall be giving notice to the governor of related province or soum with the attachment of field mapping in case of request and attached documents are satisfied the requirements as stated in a law and regulations.

The governor of the province or capital city shall be collecting vote from Public Representative Meeting of the related soum or districts and Public Meeting of the Capital city right after delivered the notice of state administrative organization as mentioned above and giving official response back within 30 business days and it shall be considering as accepted the request if it’s no answer or feedback within this term.

It shall be making decision to issue exploration license to that area in case of governor of the province or district is given notice as accepted the request and giving notice to the requested party about payment of the license for 1st year.

It shall be making payment of 1st year fee of exploration license and service fee to issue right of the exploration license together within 10 business days after delivered the official notice.

The state administrative authority shall be issuing the exploration license for 3 years validity term within three business days in case of requesting party is paid first year license fee or service fee to issue exploration license completely.

The owner of exploration license shall be following law of mineral resource and other laws into the activity and operation strictly.

The owner of exploration license shall be requesting about extension of that license prior 1 month /form K-11/ to the respectful State Administrative Authority and attached documents as described in article number 22.1 in a law of Mineral Resources.

It shall be making extension of the exploration license for 3 years for three times in case or satisfies all requirement and terms as stated in a law of Mineral Resources.

It’s able to get information about areas permitted to issue exploration license as stated by the Mongolian Government from website or direct call to the inquiry number 263923

Please call to the 263936 number of Department of Mineral resources about any inquiry of electronic system