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Petroleum Exploration Open Bidding Blocks

Block XXX - Gurvanbayan covering an area of 5,045.4 belongs to Eastgobi basin. It is located across soums of Ulaanbadrakh, Khuvsgul, Saikhandulaan, Sainshand, Urgun, and Erdene in Dornogobi province (fig.1).

In 1997 - 2007, 2,150 km of 2D seismic survey and 111.6 of 3D seismic survey were conducted. So far three (3) of seven (7) drilled exploration wells have shown oil.

Figure 1. Location Map of Block XXX

Block XXXI – Davst lies in central massif of Tamsag Basin, covering an area of 14362.7 It is located across Matad and Khalkhgol soums of Dornod province in the east Mongolia (fig.2).
From 1996 to 2011, approximately seventy-five (75) exploratory wells have been drilled, of which 21 wells were with oil prospects. Therefore, 7600 line km of 2D and 5000 of 3D seismic survey were acquired within the Davst area by the COTAMO and Petrochina Daquing companies.

Figure 2. Location Map of Block XXXI