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Project Name Investment Amount Project implementer Introduction
Brief Detailed
1 Fluorspar processing plant 1 million USD Chuluut International Brief Detailed
2 Undur Ulaan iron deposit 2-4 billion MNT BBGN Brief Detailed
3 Khashaatyn govi bitumen plant 2-4 billion MNT Gallant Star Brief Detailed
4 Gurvanbayan ХХХ petroleum exploration PS Agreement MRPAM Brief Detailed
5 Nemegt VI petroleum exploration PS Agreement MRPAM Brief Detailed
6 Bayantsogt Wolfram-Molybdenum Deposit   Undur Bayantsogt LLC Brief Detailed
7 Urinium project /Dulaan Uul, Zuuvh Ovoo Mine/     Brief Detailed
8 “Selenge” Iron Ore Project   Kharanga Khuder LLC Brief Detailed
9 Kharmagtai Copper and Gold Project   Oyut-Ulaan Brief Detailed
10 Bronze Fox Project   “Kincora Copper” LLC Brief Detailed
11 Bayan-Uul Gold Core Mine   Millinium Storm LLC Brief Detailed
12 Ulaanbulag Core Gold Deposit   Boroo Gold LLC Brief Detailed
13 Core Gold Mine of Altan Tsagaan Ovoo   Centerra Gold Gold Mongolia LLC Brief Detailed
14 Zirconium and heavy rare earth ore project of Ulaan Del   Geo-Infor LLC Brief Detailed
15 Munkhtyn Tsagaan Durvuljin Lithium Deposit   Lithium Mining LLC Brief Detailed
16 Mandal Molybdenum-wolfram deposit   Mongolia Resource Corporation LLC Brief Detailed
17 Undur Tsakhir Molybdenum and Wolfram Mine   Sodgazar LLC Brief Detailed
18 Gatsuurt core gold mine   Centerra Gold LLC Brief Detailed
19 Bayantsogt Iron Ore Clustered Mine   Kharanga Khuder LLC Brief Detailed